You already know how flexible DriveNow is – simply find your nearest car, drive it and drop it. No designated drop off points. No hassle. In fact, you can leave our cars on any legal on-street public parking space (blue, green and grey zones) anywhere in DrivNow Zone area for FREE. Here  you can find a map that indicates the parking zone of every street in Brussels. You can also use the public carsharing spots at Roodebeek, right next to the Roodebeek metro station and the Woluwe Shopping Center or use the DriveNow designated parking spots at Docks Bruxsel and at Tour & Taxi

Remember: you can park only at legal parking spots, so watch out for any signs that indicate the contrary. It may be that the parking spot is used the next day for a market or an event – this is always indicated. 

The 48 hours-rule
After having parked the car, you still are responsible for it for the next 48 hours. That means that you can’t park a car in a place where you would get a fine or where you would be towed within 48 hours. So if there is a market, an event, roadworks or something similar taking place within 48 hours as of the moment the car has been parked - which would be indicated by a special sign - then you are not allowed to park your DriveNow car in that place. 

Where do you have to pay for parking in Brussels? 
- Private parking facilities 
- Parking basement 
- Parking behind barriers 
- Underground garages*. Good news, as of now, DriveNow has got parking places in 10 Interparking garages in Brussels: Get more information on our Interparking blog

* Good to know: underground garages can lead to a loss of connection of the car, which means that you might not be able to open the car again. We suggest you not to go lower than one floor down (-1).  

Where is it forbidden to park in Brussels? 
- Handicapped zones 
- Taxi zones 
- Loading zones 
- Restricted parking 
- Red and orange zones 
- Zones marked by a sign that prohibits parking because of a market, event, roadworks or something similar taking place within the next 48 hours. 


What happens if you’re outside the DriveNow Zone? 
You can’t end your booking outside our current DriveNow Zone. If you need to stop, you’ll need to use parking mode but you must return to the DriveNow Zone to end your booking.