There are always times when you need a car. DriveNow simply makes everyday challenges a whole lot easier.  You don't think it does? We beg to differ! We'll tell you how a car can help you out sometimes – and we bet you can see one of the examples happening to you sometime!  Do you hate singing in the rain? 
Your hair's perfect and you're all dressed up, ready for a night out. It would be a perfect evening if it wasn't pouring down raining! Reserve the nearest DriveNow car and you're all ready to set off! The best part is, you can leave the car wherever you want to and don't need to go back and fetch it the next day.  Have you forgotten Mum's birthday today? 
What's better than a bunch of flowers on someone's birthday? When you surprise the birthday girl with an unexpected visit!  You'll not only fill a special person's day with happiness, but you could also end up with a piece of birthday cake – a win-win situation!  Do you need to move some large or heavier items? 
Have you ever struggled to carry a larger-than-life birthday present or a new mattress on public transport? What about using DriveNow next time? Our convertibles even give your flamingo a breath of fresh air!  "Delays can be expected at the moment due to an engine problem..." 
What do you do if you've got an important meeting and trains aren't running? DriveNow will get you from A to B on time, without the stress. Simply locate the nearest BMW or MINI using the app – rescue is bound to be just around the corner Has your own car broken down? 
Is your car getting serviced in the local auto shop? If you still want to remain flexible in the city, simply reserve your favourite car in the DriveNow app. See all of your cars, with our premium fleet you will never get bored no matter which car you get.  Quick! Baby's coming! 
What do you do when your baby's on its way and there's no chance of getting hold of a taxi? DriveNow will get you to hospital both safely and quickly. Just jump in, belt up and set off! You can park anywhere, too – just don't block the entrance to the ER! The mother-in-law's coming to visit Is the mother-in-law dropping in for a day or two and wants to be picked up  from the airport? Our BMW & MINI models not only make a great first impression but also have lots of storage space for luggage and passengers.