DriveNow makes it simple and affordable to rent a car for one hour. With our free floating car sharing system you will be able to rent any of our DriveNow cars in Brussels for as long as you need it. Are you looking for a car to run some quick errands? Are you going to the grocery store or home improvement store? Need a car with some trunk space? DriveNow is a perfect choice for flexible car ownership. Rent a premium BMW or MINI to fit all of your purchases.


How to rent a car for an hour?

DriveNow makes renting a car easier than ever just find a car near you in the app and start your reservation. Open the car with app and the car is yours as long as you need it. You will be charged a minute rate starting at 33 ct/min for driving and a discounted rate of 19 ct/min for when the car is parked. These prices include everything, insurance, fuel, rental and road tax. So next time you need to rent a car for an hour think of DriveNow car sharing.