Do you need a car rental for 24 hours to do a day trip or transport some furniture? DriveNow offers thousands of cars to rent for one day in Europe. Using car sharing for all of your car rental needs definately has its advantages. It is more affordable and convenient than your normal car rental agency.


24-Hour Car Sharing Package with DriveNow

DriveNow has no car rental counters - all the rentals are done with the app in a few seconds. Just open the app, find the closest car to you and rent it for 24 hours. There are no hidden costs with car sharing : for a day rental it costs 99€ but you get everything with that, 200 km of driving, insurance, fuel, parking and a premium car for one day. But that’s not all! DriveNow is also present in many airports in Europe making it easy to start a day trip from the airport.

How to reserve a DriveNow for 24 hours?

  • Reserve the car with the app
  •  In the app click on “Plan Trip”
  • Select the hourly packages
  • Select 24-hour package
  •  The car is yours for 24 hours

The best part of the DriveNow 24-hour package is that when you return to the city you can drop off the car anywhere inside the business area back in the city.  If you live inside the city you can return the car back in front of your front door. It’s just that easy, DriveNow hopes that you have safe journey!

Other Hourly Packages

DriveNow also offers other hourly packages - making it easy to book the right package for the right occasion.

  • 3 hour car rental package
  •  6 hour car rental package
  •  9 hour car rental package