Flanders is currently under the spell of the results of the CurieuzeNeuzen survey. And rightly so, DriveNow believes, because we’re worried about the air our children breathe in every single day. Unfortunately, it turns out this air we all breathe in is of questionable quality in too many places. Especially in our city centers, with their many street canyons, and on and near motorways. Headlines such as ‘Things need to get worse before people stop using cars’ are pretty clear in their message: it’s the car’s fault.

It’s a correct and incorrect analysis at the same time. Sure, it’s true that a significant part of pollution is caused by car traffic. However, that’s not the fault of ‘the car’ as a means. Instead, the frequency with which the average car owner uses said car is to blame. Whether we’re driving a private car that costs a lot of money or a company car that costs us next to nothing, in both cases the car is the no-brainer when it comes to getting from point A to point B. We don’t even realize we might be able to get to point B faster, more comfortably and eco-friendlier using a different transportation method. And it’s because of that deep-seated attitude – which especially applies to our country – that the CurieuzeNeuzen map turns such a brightly colored red.