Across the DriveNow group, we've just reached our one millionth customer and I would like to say a special thank you to all "our ketjes“ in Brussels for your support and trust, because you all helped achieving this milestone - you are #oneinamillion and the heart of DriveNow!

DriveNow started small and when I look back over the years to the launch in Munich in 2011, a lot has happened since then. We launched in Brussels only in July 2016 and since then, DriveNow has also launched in Milan, Helsinki and Lisbon - DriveNow keeps on growing !

One million customers are also a million faces, stories and reasons why you use DriveNow. From the young to the old, from individuals to families, every group is represented amongst our DriveNow members. You've driven to work, dinner, the supermarket and even the altar (this happened in London!), and let our BMW and MINI cars become part of your everyday life which makes us really proud at DriveNow. And we're now in 13 cities so you can enjoy your cappuccino in Milan, your shopping trip in London and your beach holiday in Lisbon!

It was always our vision to make urban mobility better for you and this vision continues to drive and motivate us everyday. With your valuable feedback, we are constantly working to make our service even better for you.

To celebrate our first "million", we're giving every DriveNow customer 10 bonus minutes which can be used in our celebration week from 10 to 17 October 2017. This is a small thank you for bringing together the mobility of tomorrow with us.

I hope you enjoy your next trip!

Christian Lambert, Managing Director, DriveNow Belgium

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