In February 2018, DriveNow invited its customers to complete an anonymous survey regarding the development of mobility in our capital. We are very proud to say that more than 2,000 DriveNow customers have taken the time to fill in the survey. This impressive number proves how much you share our dedication to improving mobility in Brussels. So first of all: a big thank you to all participants! And in return we would like to share the most striking results with you.

You have probably already heard how DriveNow claims that for each shared car that is added to the city, three to eleven private cars disappear. Various international independent urban studies have proven this point, and now our survey shows that it seems to be the case for DriveNow in Brussels as well: 12% of the respondents have gotten rid of their own car since they became a DriveNow user. 40% of the respondents also answered that they would have bought a car if our service hadn’t been available.

Based on these numbers and taking into account the differences in driving frequency between our individual users, we estimate that the DriveNow community has reduced the number of private cars in the city by at least a thousand, probably even much more. Needless to say that this has led to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and has had a positive impact on both traffic jams and the availability of parking space.

In addition, 52% of the respondents have a public transport pass besides to their DriveNow subscription. This indicates that they – as opposed to many private car owners - do not believe a car is the only conceivable means of transport in the city. Which in its turn leads to an even more significant reduction of traffic jams and pollution.

DriveNow is committed to improving mobility. Not only in Brussels, but in all current and future DriveNow cities. We have a very specific goal: to allow people to move through the city in a convenient and sustainable way, always being able to choose the means of transport that is most suited for each specific kind of trip. We thank all our users for contributing to that goal. Don’t hesitate to  invite your friends to join us  as well. More car sharing & less private cars = better mobility for the whole city!


PS: The survey and our own user data also showed some other interesting results, which we’d like to share with you:

Respondents use DriveNow caras most commonly for:

  • leisure (52%)
  • trips to and from the airport (34%)
  • commuting to and from work (22%)
  • shopping (22%)



  • Over half of our users are between 26-40 years old



  • 72% are men



  • 57% speak French, 38 % English, and 5 % Dutch



  • 16% of respondents have a net monthly household income lower than € 2.000
  • 17% between €2.001 and €3.000
  • 19% between €3.001 and €4.000
  • 16% between €4.001 and €5.000
  • 32% above €5.000