Car sharing - it’s all about convenience and sustainability! That’s why we’re very pleased to announce that DriveNow, soon to change name to SHARE NOW, has passed the ‘sustainability examination’ by the Belgian government. This examination is part of the Sustainable Shared Economy Platform Awards’ initiative which aims to put examples of sustainable shared economy platforms in the spotlight, so they can inspire others. Our car sharing service received this news during the first ever Sustainable Shared Economy Platform Awards ceremony at Tour & Taxis a few days ago.


Driving force behind alternative mobility

At DriveNow we allow users to find and use a shared car nearby and to drop it anywhere when they’re done driving. The convenience of this free-floating concept makes people realize the disadvantages of owning a car (parking hassle, elevated costs, …): the average DriveNow user spends 30 euros per month on shared car use, while owning a private car usually costs between 250 and 300 euros per month (maintenance costs, insurance, fuel, parking, …). This offering decreases the number of private cars on the road, in favor of increased use of alternative mobility.

We’re very proud of the government’s acknowledgement of the sustainable nature of our services, and we also congratulate CoopCyle and Molenbike on winning their Sustainable Shared Economy Platform Awards! As the alternative mobility offering grows, Brussels can finally be transformed into a city in which people can live and move around in a sustainable and comfortable way.


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