As of now, the DriveNow App is even smarter and comes with a new look! With the new app, you can manage everything via your smartphone. No need to worry about choosing options on the in-car screen or wondering how much time you have left on your rental.

What exactly does this mean?


  • End your rental via your smartphone: You can now end your current rental via the app, even when it’s in ‘Park & Keep’ mode. No need to select it on the in-car screen anymore. 


  • Refueling made comfortable: Did you ever had the situation that you wanted to refuel your BMW or MINI but forgot the PIN of the refuel card? No worries, the new app will display the latest information regarding the refuel process, including the PIN for payment and the steps to follow. 


  • Manage everything with your fingertips: As of now, you can always see the status of your current rental in the app. Check how long you have been on the road or how many minutes are left of your hourly package.


Update the app today and experience an even better way to use DriveNow!