Spring has finally arrived and with summer not too far away, it’s time to make the most of the Belgian sunshine while we’ve got it! What better way than with the new star in the DriveNow Brussels fleet: the new MINI Convertible! Find your nearest car in the DriveNow app and enjoy a ride under open skies. Get in and take the top down with the press of a button. Enjoy the warm spring air on the way to a business lunch or take the MINI Convertible and feel the sun on your face during a trip to the countryside. Worried about the changeable Belgian weather? There’s no need to worry – the top folds down (and back up) in just 18 seconds! Once you’ve experienced the MINI Convertible you might be reluctant to let go of the steering wheel - we know the feeling. Summer trips are even better when shared with great company: with the MINI Convertible, there’s enough space to take up to three friends along with you for the ride. And the Easy Load functionality in the spacious boot of the MINI Convertible gets you out of the parking space and onto sunny open roads in a heartbeat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMS408VWzCs  Whatever the case, with our new fleet stars available in "Midnight Black" and "White Silver", you're sure to step out in style. For more information, click here Wishing you all a sunny spring (fingers crossed!)