Ghent offers a wide range of museums, an impressive architecture and is a city rich in art, food and music. As a smaller European city that is not overrun by tourists, it is one of the countries insiders but certainly worth a visit. Not even 60 km away from Brussels, it is the perfect destination for a short getaway trip with friends or your family. With a DriveNow hourly package, you can easily get there in a comfortable and stylish way - no need to reserve a car days in advance Not yet convinced? Have a look at what you could do in Ghent:


5 reasons to visit Ghent:

Until the 13th century, Ghent was the second-largest city in Europe which is certainly a reason for its stunning architecture. The well-preserved city center is worth a closer look. Many of its buildings date back to the 12th century and are amazingly well preserved. But what makes the city so unique, is the combination of authentic, medieval buildings with modern architecture.


As mentioned above, Ghent is one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe.

Buildings from this time are for example the imposing St. Bavo’s Cathedral with its Adoration of the Mystic Lamb – one of the world earliest oil paintings, or the Belfry that gives you a panoramic view of the city. Another spot not to miss is the town square. Back in time it was the reunion place for public executions or city meetings. Today it’s a place that offers a wide range of nice cafés.

Another place not to miss is the St. Peter’s Abbey. It used to be the center of Ghent from which the city began to grow. This is the perfect spot for a sunny day, as the orchards and gardens are free to explore for everybody.

If you always wanted to visit a medieval castle, then the Castle of the Counts is perfect for you. With its museum of torture devices, it surely gives you an impression of old medieval times.


Ghent has a vibrant street art scene. The best example for this is the colorful Graffiti street, that gives you a completely different impression of the medieval city. If you’re a fan of street art, or just curious, then you should definitely do a guided tour that leads you to dozens of street art places in Ghent.  


  • The food in Ghent

Like in every Belgian city, you can enjoy diverse, traditional and tasty food in Ghent. You surely need to grab a coffee at “Mokabon”. Besides from its great, traditional coffee, it’s THE place to eat Belgian waffles. Another traditional Belgian treat you should try is the Gruut Beer. And if you’re looking for a cosy restaurant, you will surely find one in the Patershol area.

But besides the traditional Belgian food, Ghent also offers an innovative gastronomy and is certainly a good place for gourmet lovers.


At night, the streetlights transform Ghent into a magical nocturnal place. Architectural accents and the combination of light and shadow let the city shine in another way. The city even received many prizes for its lighting and illumination system. So when the night falls, you can rediscover the city again.


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Enjoy your stay!