Summer is the perfect time to rent a DriveNow MINI Convertible! Nothing is better than driving around with the wind in your hair and sunglasses on! DriveNow does not use a traditional key system, so you have to open the convertible roof from the inside. The roof opens at the push of a button, it couldn’t be easier. Let the roof down and explore the city!


How to put the roof down on a MINI Cooper Convertible

MINI Cooper Convertibles are a stylish alternative to classic cars. Once you have unlocked the car using the app, get yourself comfortable in the DriveNow MINI. When you are ready to set off, just follow these steps:

  1. Enter the pin and start the engine on your MINI Cooper.

  2. Pull the convertible button (the one with the picture of a convertible car) near the rear-view mirror. The MINI Cooper roof should open in around 18 seconds.

  3. You are ready to explore!

  4. When you have finished your trip, just push the button up and wait for the roof to close.

  5. Having problems? Check the trunk of the MINI and make sure the convertible handle is pushed all the way down.