Have you ever received a fine from DriveNow, or wondered what would happen if you did? We know, receiving a fine is never fun, especially for a car that you rent and not own yourself. On this blog, we explain you the types of fine you can receive, explain you how our team is handling them, and we also give you tips on how to avoid them :)  


  • Types of fines

You can receive two different types of fines: from the communes (parking tickets) or from the police (speeding violations, illegal parking or other matters noticed on the streets). In some cases, if the police judge that the car needed to be moved away, you can also receive a towing invoice that will follow the police fine.

The amount of the parking tickets may vary between 25€ and 100€ and the police fines starts from 50€. When it comes to the towing invoice, it costs minimum 150€.

We never like to receive these fines at DriveNow, but when we do, here’s how we deal it them.


  • Payment of fines

Parking Tickets: As soon as we receive a parking ticket from the commune, we pay it right away in order to avoid the amount being increased due to the short delay of payment. We notify the right customer about the parking ticket via email (with the ticket in attachment) and we automatically charge the method of payment that we have in the customer profile (credit card).

Police Fines: For police fines, we notify the right customer via email (with the fine that we received from the police in attachment) and ask the customer for the payment. As these fines require more administrative work, DriveNow charges an 18€ administrative fee per fine.

Towing Invoices: For towing invoices, we notify the right customer via email (with the police fine and towing invoice in attachment). We pay the invoice right away (we want the car back :) ) and we automatically charge the method of payment that we have in the customer profile (credit card). DriveNow charges an 18€ administrative fee for towing invoices.

If we receive a reminder from the police that the payment has not been paid in due time, we notify the customer again via email and block his/her account until the proof of payment is received. An 18€ administrative fee will also be charged.  

If you believe you were wrongly charged, please do not hesitate to contact us at fines@drive-now.be and we’ll have a closer look to your situation. If you would like to contest a police fine, you have to address the police directly. The contact details will be given on the police fine you will receive in the email sent by DriveNow. Please note that in Belgium, the driver is responsible for the caused violation and not the car owner.


  • Fines already on the car?

It can happen that a fine is already on the car you’ve reserved. When this happens, simply put this fine in the glove compartment. The commune will automatically send us a copy of this ticket by post. This fine obviously don’t concern you and will be handled by us.


  • How to avoid fines?

Parking fines are very easy to avoid. Look for the parking signs before ending your rental. If you are in a green, blue or grey zone, you’re good to go! If you are in a red or yellow zone, you need to repark your DriveNow somewhere else. And remember, you are responsible for up to 48h after the end of your rental. Therefore, watch out for upcoming markets, garages and communes’ signs on the streets! For more information about our parking guidelines, please visit our website.

Also, pay attention to the indicated speed limits. Some communes, like Schaerbeek have a 30 km/h limit on the entire commune, while others only have restrictions for parts of the commune. This will not only avoid you pricey speeding tickets but it will also increase your own safety and the one of other people on the road.


Bottom line, we trust that you will take good care of our cars and that you will use them as if they would be your own car. Happy driving with DriveNow!