Learn how simple it is to rent a car, how to find it, unlock it, drive it, and park it at the end of your journey.  There are hundreds of cars dispersed throughout the city, and you don't have a key! How does car sharing actually work? Although it may sound complicated, it's really very simple. We explain the key steps to flexible mobility with DriveNow. So let's go! Finding a car  Reserving a car: Open your DriveNow app and look for a car nearby (see video). Simply click on the BMW or MINI in the app and select "Reserve". Once you reserve your car you have 15 free minutes to get to the car.  Planning your trip: On your way to your car, use the app to enter your destination, or select whether you're using the car privately or for business. Do you plan to use the car for a long trip, or are you taking a trip to a shopping outlet? If so, simply book one of our Hourly Packages in the app!  Inspecting the car: Once you arrive at your BMW or MINI, check out the car to see if there are any damages. There's a menu in your app so that you can check for already reported damages on the car. Quickly check whether or not there's any new damage, and if there is, report it via the app.  Unlocking the car: When you're within 150 metres of the car, you will be able to unlock it in the app by clicking "Unlock". If you see a DriveNow car in the city and want to use it straight away, you can unlock it with your customer card by holding the card up to the reader on the windscreen. Drive a BMW or MINI  Entering your PIN: Once inside the car, enter your PIN in the iDrive system using the controller located near the central console and press "confirm".  Setting off: All you need to do now is step on the clutch and brake, then press the start button! (located next to the steering wheel)  Taking a break: While renting a car you want to take a break but want to keep the car reserved, no problem. We have a feature called “Park and Keep”.  Dropping off your car  Parking: Have you reached your destination and want to drop off your car? You can park your car for free in almost any public car park within the DriveNow Zone. Please consult specific parking information for your DriveNow city on the corresponding city page Farewell: Once you've parked, simply switch off the engine by pressing the start/stop button next to the steering wheel. Get out of the car, lock it using your app or customer card and wait for a few seconds until the indicator on the windscreen turns green. You're done!