With DriveNow, you don't have to take care of maintenance, refueling or keeping track of fuel prices. Simply get into the car, log in and off you go! Should it happen that the fuel tank falls below 25%, that can be an advantage for you. Each customer who refuels the vehicle and returns it with a fuel tank level of over 90% will be credited with 20 free driving minutes which can be used within two months from the date of credit.

How does it work?


  • Step 1: If the DriveNow display shows that the tank is filled only to a maximum of one quarter, drive to one of our TOTAL partner petrol stations.

TIP: All TOTAL petrol stations can be found in the vehicle in the DriveNow menu under "Navigation / Point of interests / petrol stations."

Step 2: Upon arrival at the petrol station, switch off the motor and click on "Refuel" in your app, which will display the PIN code of the Total fuel card.

Step 3: Take the fuel card, which is located in the central armrest of the car and fill up the tank of the car. If you forgot the PIN for the fuel card, you can also look it up in the DriveNow app. 

Step 4: After refueling, put back the fuel card in the central armrest and simply continue on your journey! 

Step 5: Enjoy driving for free! 

If you follow these steps,  everything will run smoothly and you will get the 20 free driving minutes credited automatically. 

We wish you a lot of fun with your free driving minutes and would like to say thank you for your support!


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