Soon to be in London on business or looking forward to a short break in Berlin? Thanks to DriveNow, you can also stay mobile when you go international! Whether you’re out and about in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Cologne, Copenhagen, London, Milan, Munich, Lisbon, Helsinki, or Vienna – you can look forward to your familiar, flexible mobility in these DriveNow cities. Drive’n Fly guarantees you a relaxed start to your holiday, because getting to the airport just got easier thanks to our BMW and MINI models. As soon as you land, simply use the app to reserve a DriveNow car and specify your destination under “Plan trip”. Since all of our cars are equipped with a GPS, you can easily take a sightseeing trip around town or plan your route from the airport into the city or your hotel. Have you got friends in Denmark, Germany, Austria, Sweden or United Kingdom who’d also like to join DriveNow? All they need do is visit the DriveNow website and select their own country: you can only register a DriveNow account from the country where you live. Have a safe trip – and a great time! Bonus minutes: If you’ve got bonus minutes on your account, you can use these flexibly but keep in mind they only apply to your DriveNow home country and will not be available abroad. Voucher codes and bonus conditions like “free trips” also apply only in your home country. A piece of advice for all DriveNow customers travelling to Copenhagen: Before you get to the Danish capital, open the DriveNow app and get your account validated: select Copenhagen in map and follow the on-screen instructions. Take a selfie and a shot of your driving licence for identification and then accept the General Terms & Conditions. Once uploaded, your photos are checked straight away to ensure that you can get started with DriveNow after you get the confirmation mail.