Are you flying to another city for a business trip, or do you have a business lunch coming up? With DriveNow that’s not a problem! Simply choose your favourite BMW or MINI and get to your appointments quickly and without any hassle. DriveNow business use is easy to manage and offers numerous benefits to you and your company.


  1. If you have your own professional credit card

The DriveNow registration process allows you to enter your business information for when you are driving for business reasons. You can also enter all your business details after registration by logging into the customer area on the DriveNow website. This is where you can enter the means of payment that should be used for your business journeys, as well as a corporate email address.


  1. If you want to register your company

Are you interested in a company account with DriveNow, to give more flexibility to your employees when travelling to appointments? Just fill in the enquiry form on our website and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

All employees who are not yet registered with DriveNow will get a registration link to become a member, free of charge. Once they entered their data and completed the registration process, we will send them their customer card (back-up key for all our cars) by post.

For large companies, we will be happy to organize a local event, where employees can sign up and pick up their customer card directly. If you are interested in this option, please just call our Sales Manager, Julien Vandichel on +32 (0)2 709 77 22 or send an email at

With DriveNow, your employees get access to hundreds of company cars across the city – and the company can save the maintenance costs of a costly vehicle fleet. Billing the travel costs is quite simple. When setting up a company account, you can choose between two billing options:

Billing by company credit card

  1. The employee selects ‘business trip’ in the app after reserving a vehicle.
  2. Rental costs are charged to a centrally registered credit card.
  3. Invoice is sent to a central email address. When DriveNow is used for private trips, the company account will be unaffected.  


Billing by travel costs

  1. The employee selects ‘business trip’ in the app after reserving a vehicle.
  2. Rental costs are charged to the employee’s private payment method.
  3. Invoice will be made out to the company and sent to the employee’s private email address.
  4. Employee submits invoice under travel expenses.


How to link your private account to your company account

If you are already registered with DriveNow, we can assign you to an existing company account. All you need to do is send an email to Once your enquiry has been processed, you will be able to decide between private and business trip in the app.



  • Find and reserve the nearest BMW or MINI

  • Click on the button “Business Trip” in the app

  • The trip will then be charged to the registered company account or to your professional credit card.

Business trips for DriveNow

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