Tips & tricks for using DriveNow

Our practical tips for using our app and cars will help you get the most out of your DriveNow trip - ideas such as how to save money, reserve a car or how to say goodbye to searching for a parking spot.

When you charge the BMW i3 for free, you get to benefit!


Charging the electric BMW i3 is easy and free. All you need is the charging card that's kept in the central armrest and the charging cable that's kept in the boot. The cockpit display will show you all available charging points under "Special points of interest". You can also locate the charging points using the app.

Hold the charging card in front of the reader on the charging point and plug the cable into the socket. Then plug the cable into the car. A blue light around the socket on the BMW i3 flashes to signify that the car is currently charging. Unplug the cable from the car, before unplugging it from the charging point. For so called fast charging points please use the cable provided by the charging station.

If the remaining distance for your BMW i3 is less than 30 kilometres and you charge the car at the end of your journey at a conventional charging station, we will reward you with 20 minutes of free driving minutes. Please note that you can use fast charging stations only during your rental. It’s not possible to end your rental there.

Important: If the remaining range of the car falls below 15 kilometres, the rental must be ended at a conventional charging point within the business area.