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DriveNow prices at a glance

With DriveNow car sharing you get the perfect car exactly when you want it – and you still stay completely flexible! Find out all about our prices for driving BMW and MINI, the DriveNow Packages, partner benefits and additional fees such as our Drive’n Fly rate

All-inclusive: peace of mind for you and your wallet

Enjoy the advantages of your DriveNow car sharing membership: you have no running costs for car insurance, toll vignette, car tax, etc., etc., you can refuel or recharge your vehicle when you need to at no extra charge and you can leave the car free of charge anywhere in our DriveNow Zone.

No running costs
Refuel and recharge at no charge
No parking tickets
icon_carsharing_pricing_insurance-and-car-tax-included (1)_0
Insurance and car tax included

Standard fees

  • Registration

    Standard registration fee



    MINI 5 door, MINI 3 door, MINI Clubman

    35 Ct/min1

    MINI Convertible rental (summer)
    (1 April to 31 October)

    38 Ct/min1

    MINI Convertible rental (winter)
    (1 November to 31 March)

    35 Ct/min1

    BMW 1 Series rental

    35 Ct/min1

    BMW i3, X1, X2, 2 Series Active Tourer, MINI Countryman,

    38 Ct/min1

    Drive’n Save
    Subject to availability and valid only for reserved vehicles

    25 Ct/min1

    Collision Damage Waiver

    1200€ excess
    Comprehensive cover2, incl. theft cover

    420€ excess
    Comprehensive cover2, incl. theft cover

    99€/year oder 1€/ rental

    0€ excess
    Comprehensive cover2, incl. theft cover


  • Parking fees

    Park & Keep
    Park car without ending the rental

    Same price car model min. rate

    Parking Sun to Fri
    10pm to 6am

    free of charge

    Reserving a vehicle

    For 15 minutes

    free of charge

    Extended reservation
    Max. 8 hours

    10 Ct/min

    Extended reservation
    Sun to Fri 10pm to 6am

    free of charge

    Additional fees for special destinations

    Vienna International Airport
    (at start/end of rental)


Our Experience packages

You can benefit twice as much with DriveNow car sharing in Vienna! We have put together some great Experience package together with our partners. We've got irresistible offers to make driving even more fun. For further details, simply click on the package you're interested in!

Mit DriveNow ins Designer Outlet Parndorf Sparen

Fahre mit DriveNow Carsharing ins Designer Outlet Parndorf. Zusätzlich sicherst du dir einen schicken Extra-Rabatt mit dem Outlet Parndorf Gutschein.

Fees & contractual penalties

  • Fees  
    Processing of traffic offenses 12 €
    Processing of NIP (Notice of intended prosecution) 25€
    Processing of towing Invoice from towing company
    Car being towed 50€
    Replacement of defective customer card Free of charge
    Replacement of DriveNow customer card (lost card etc.) 10€
    Fuelling at a non-partner fuel station 10€

    Special cleaning (e.g. due to heavy soiling or smoking in vehicle)

    According to costs, min. 50€

    Processing of damages and accidents

    Loss of or damage of any card in the car (i.e. fuel card) 50€
    Service at location per hour 50€
    Late Fee Reminders

    First reminder 5 €

    Second reminder 10 €

    Lost property costs (blocking the car) 10€ for 2 hours
    Fee for retreiving lost items by DriveNow Team 25€
  • Contractual penalties  
    Special cases - criminal offenses 150€

    Transfer usage of DriveNow customer card


    Unauthorised cross-border trips


    Culpable breach of contract of the fuel card/charging card or the charging cable


    Reparking of wrongly parked vehicles



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Need a car for longer?

Book any of our Hourly Packages when reserving a car using the app. Or for spontaneous bookings, select in-car at the start of your rental. You see the currently valid prices directly in the app or on the in-car screen of your car. Each package is valid for one rental only and includes driving and parking minutes, as well as a generous mileage allowance³.

3 hours

Just right for unplanned trips, such as a short day trip to a city nearby

3 hours drive and park,
incl. 80 km

from 29 €3

6 hours

When you need a car for several hours, such as shopping trips

6 hours drive and park,
incl. 120 km

from 59 €3

9 hours

Great for longer trips, such as days out and about

9 hours drive and park,
incl. 200 km

from 75 €3

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

1 Each rental includes 200 km free, extra km are 29 ct/km.

2 Limitation of liability that is equivalent to comprehensive car coverage (insurance cover)

3 The currently valid price will be displayed before booking in the app or in the car. 29 ct for each additional kilometre. Each additional minute 35 ct/min or 38 ct/min. The BMW i3 is excluded from the Hourly Packages for 6, 9, 24 & 48 hours.

4 If you book a Savings Package with 60, 100, 250 or 500 minutes online, you can rent any DriveNow car for the same price. All Savings Packages are valid for 30 days after activation. The Savings Package is an all-in price for 30 days. The consumption of booked Savings Package minutes within the 30-day period is completely covered. Customers will not be reimbursed for any minutes not used within these 30 days, and customers cannot transfer unused minutes to a new Savings Package or to other subsequent usage periods. Once the Savings Package minutes have been used in the 30-day period, the standard DriveNow rate applies. You cannot use more than one Savings Package at the same time. Savings Packages do not include parking minutes, which are charged separately according to the price list. If bonus minutes are available on an account, these will not be used until the Savings Package has been used up. If an Hourly Package is booked in-vehicle when starting the rental, Savings Package minutes will not be used again until the expiry of the Hourly Package. A Savings Package is activated by purchasing a Savings Package on the DriveNow website. The chosen Savings Package is activated after clicking the “Purchase now” button and is available immediately. If a Savings Package is already active, the new package will be available only after the expiry of the 30-day usage period of the active Savings Package. The Savings Package contract is limited to the 30-day usage period. The Savings Package renews automatically as another Savings Package with a 30-day usage period if it is not cancelled by one of the parties before the expiry of the 30-day usage period (online on the DriveNow website). If the package is renewed, the customer can access the new minutes from the renewed Savings Package from the first day of the new usage period. The customer pays the corresponding package fee in accordance with the price list. If the 200 km per individual rental is exceeded, 29 ct/km for each additional km will be charged from 201 km, even when using Savings Packages. Savings Packages can be booked and used only in the customer’s own DriveNow country.

* This offer is limited and only valid until October, 30th 2018. Your free driving minutes will be added to your account upon registration and are valid for 30 days from the date of the online registration and will expire automatically. All prices apply to DriveNow Vienna and include value added tax.