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DriveNow Car Sharing Hourly Packages

Rent a DriveNow car for longer

Whether you're going to a meeting across town or enjoying a long shopping trip, it's easy to rent a DriveNow BMW or MINI for longer with our hourly packages. There are plenty of package options, from as little as 3 hours, right up to 2 days. Simply book a package in the app after reserving a car, and off you go!

Of course you can leave the DriveNow business area in Vienna to enjoy your day trip in the lovely countryside! Please keep in mind that you have to return the car to the DriveNow Zone after your trip to end your rental! 

Need a car for longer?

Book any of our Hourly Packages when reserving a car using the app. Or for spontaneous bookings, select in-car at the start of your rental. You see the currently valid prices directly in the app or on the in-car screen of your car. Each package is valid for one rental only and includes driving and parking minutes, as well as a generous mileage allowance³.

3 hours

Just right for unplanned trips, such as a short day trip to a city nearby

3 hours drive and park,
incl. 80 km

from 29 €3

6 hours

When you need a car for several hours, such as shopping trips

6 hours drive and park,
incl. 120 km

from 59 €3

9 hours

Great for longer trips, such as days out and about

9 hours drive and park,
incl. 200 km

from 75 €3

How to book an hourly package


It's easy to book an hourly package. Just reserve a car with the DriveNow app for free, then select 'Hourly Packages' on the screen. You'll be able to see all the hourly packages available, with the time and mileage allowance included. Simply click on the package you want, then unlock the car with the app and enjoy your trip!


Park & Keep


During your hourly package you may need to park the car without ending the rental. To do this, park the car and select 'Park & Keep' on the in-car screen. Then get out of the car and select 'Lock Car' in the app. The car will then be parked and locked, with your hourly package still ongoing. Once you return from your break, select 'Unlock Car' in the app and start driving again.

Have a good trip with our Hourly Packages! 

Your DriveNow Team 

Interesting information

3 The currently valid price will be displayed before booking in the app or in the car. 29 ct for each additional kilometre. Each additional minute 35 ct/min or 38 ct/min. The BMW i3 is excluded from the Hourly Packages for 6, 9 hours and all Daily Packages.