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  • Miscellaneous
    • The voucher is only valid for one free registration in Austria. After a successful redemption the voucher will lose its validity. The voucher must not be copied or duplicated in any way. The voucher amount cannot be paid out in cash or refunded. The voucher is freely transferable and can be redeemed by the respective holder. By transferring the voucher, you are obligated to refer to the terms and conditions of DriveNow Austria GmbH to the new holder. In case of loss or theft of the voucher, DriveNow Austria GmbH does not accept any liability for an unlawful redemption of the voucher. Any commercial resale or use of the voucher is strictly prohibited. In case of disregard of the abovementioned rules and regulations, any claim to use to offer will be invalidated. DriveNow reserves the right to make further demands, particularly the payment of compensation. The voucher is valid until 31 December 2018. The general terms and conditions of DriveNow Austria GmbH apply at all times.

  • Contract & Payment
    • To register at DriveNow, you need to be at least 21 years old and must have been in possession of a valid driving license for at least one year. You also need to have a valid credit or cash card to use as a method of payment. For international use, you need to accept the terms and conditions applicable in that particular country.

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